Your donation will help support food programs in public schools in Burkina Faso. The feeding program will reduce hunger, provide nutrition and retain children in school. Your gift will make a life-changing difference for children and families in need.


You can get involve by organizing fund raisers in your homes or at your convenient place to provide school supplies or build schools in villages. Join and become our partner in children's development in Africa. If you wish to learn more about our mission and objectives, how we plan to serve the needy children, please write to us at email .


We invite you to sponsor a child's education each semester. You can choose to sponsor a child through college. The children with glowing broad smile on their faces. Knowing they have a promising future ahead of them. Tell us what you can do to ensure children's enrollment in schools. We welcome new ideas to help us grow.

Tene A BEBE Sawadogo

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Our children are the future stars in this world. They are innocent human beings and their development depend on us. Each child’s wish list includes fun, be able to seek quality education and succeed in life. How satisfying to see children in Africa grow into successful adults. In the course of a child’s development process, the child’s life can face rough moments, a crucial stage of a child yet to discover the world and to be loved. Africa is portrayed a continent hit by poverty. The culture of poverty is what children experience, ranging from hunger, housing, diseases and lack of education.

Therefore it becomes incumbent on society to provide to disadvantage children the necessary tools they will need to grow. We also believe that ‘ work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. For the children to experience pleasure and fun, we are initiating recreation and fun time for the children to play and encourage them to attend school.

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True Story

Children in Africa experience terror and the worse implications of life, some living dangerous life due to war, hunger, malaria, diseases and other ailments that are preventable.